Who We are

Founded in a church basement, Literacy Action is now the oldest, largest, and leading adult basic education nonprofit in the Southeastern United States. Our mission is to build better futures for undereducated adults by teaching literacy, life and work skills that empower them to reach their highest potential

Program Overview


LAI offers several levels of reading and writing, mathematics, and GED preparatory classes at our main campus in downtown Atlanta, as well as electives in digital, health, and financial literacy. Most core classes are offered in 8-week quarters, with specialized programming during the summer. In 2018 we are piloting two innovations to better serve the diverse needs of our students: “fast track” programming at select levels offering double the contact hours to help students meet their goals faster, and a digital learning lab where students have the opportunity to supplement classroom instruction with 1:1 online support individualized to their specific learning needs.

ESOL: English for Speakers of Other LanguagesENGLISH AS A

Three levels of English as well as conversation classes in local libraries are available to adult learners from a variety of backgrounds. Literacy Action also offers specialized and localized programming for refugee-serving organizations, local housing authorities, and school districts. The pilot programs mentioned under Adult Basic Education are also available to ESOL students.


Literacy Action is committed to helping adult learners overcome the barriers that may prevent them from achieving their goals. Admissions counselors work with students to provide transportation assistance, referrals for childcare, and even access to a mobile vision clinic for free eye exams.

Digital-01 DIGITAL

The Digital Literacy program empowers adults to utilize technology as a tool to self-sufficiency. Adult learners are taught to become active participants in the digital age by acquiring skills such as accessing email, using word processing software, applying for jobs online, or navigating a smart phone.

Literacy Action’s COVID-19 Response

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Literacy Action Receives Award From 11Alive & TEGNA Foundation

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Literacy Action student Sara Aguirre Lopez speaking at the Capitol on 3/5/2019
Literacy Day at the Capitol

We are proud of our student Sara for standing with other #literacyadvocates and speaking to the crowd at Literacy Day… Read More

Meet Our Students
Mattie, 69

The day Mattie read about Literacy Action in the newspaper was a very good day for her. It was difficult to find the time to come but when she finally did, it was the beginning of many good days. Now that Mattie can see her reading and vocabulary improving, her self-esteem is through the roof. “I love myself more than ever.”

Donald, 31

There was only one reason Donald came to Literacy Action – “I wanted to get my GED to help me better myself for the future.” His biggest challenge was balancing working, school and transportation. He overcame however, and earned his GED. He is now in school seeking a degree in Criminal Justice.

Sarai, 24

Seeking to speak better English, Sarai was referred to Literacy Action because we were close to her. She has difficulty reading aloud but she believes that she will have more opportunities when she can speak better English. She will be happiest when she can give her son everything he needs for a better future.