Mattie, 69

The day Mattie read about Literacy Action in the newspaper was a very good day for her. It was difficult to find the time to come but when she finally did, it was the beginning of many good days. Now that Mattie can see her reading and vocabulary improving, her self-esteem is through the roof. “I love myself more than ever.”

Donald, 31

There was only one reason Donald came to Literacy Action – “I wanted to get my GED to help me better myself for the future.” His biggest challenge was balancing working, school and transportation. He overcame however, and earned his GED. He is now in school seeking a degree in Criminal Justice.

Sarai, 24

Seeking to speak better English, Sarai was referred to Literacy Action because we were close to her. She has difficulty reading aloud but she believes that she will have more opportunities when she can speak better English. She will be happiest when she can give her son everything he needs for a better future.

La’twon, 23

La’twon wants to be a chef someday and he is at Literacy Action preparing for the next step – culinary arts school. With obtaining his GED securely in his sights, La’twon’s biggest obstacle is comprehension. He is working his way through the process to graduate and attend Le Cordon Bleu.

Kinney, 43

Looking to enhance his reading, writing and speaking skills, Kinney found his way to Literacy Action through the City of Atlanta. He is challenged to learn as much as he can while not staying around too long. Ultimately, Kinney’s goal is to earn his GED and to his CDL license to take his career to the next level.

Joshua, 31

Joshua has had a number of challenges but he is working toward making basic math a challenge of his past. He is using the same determination that helped him find Literacy Action on Google to increase his math skills to take the GED. Armed with his certificate and Bible, Joshua desires to further his prison ministry goals.

Regina, 35

Regina saw herself headed toward a dead end with limited career prospects due to her lack of a diploma. Even with the challenge of juggling a full-time job and family, Regina achieved her GED in 2013. She is now on her way to Nursing School and her goal of achieving a Master’s Degree in Nursing.

Anquette, 25

Test taking fear has played a significant role in Anquette’s life but she started overcoming those issues when she decided to come to Literacy Action. Seeking to enhance her core and test taking skills, this high school graduate is getting ready for the United States Air Force entrance exam. Her efforts are paying off from the looks of her current test scores.

Anita, 32

New to Literacy Action, Anita wondered, “Do they actually teach or just give me a book and say do it.” She came willing to try any school but this one was more organized and professional. She is working toward getting her GED first and then achieving her Bachelor’s degree.

Paul, 53

Overcoming significant hardships of losing a job and the death of his wife, Paul is undeterred in his efforts continue attending Literacy Action on a regular basis. Nothing in his smile gives a clue to all that he has endured and conquered to accomplish his goals. He looks forward to the day when he can enroll in the HVAC program.

Fredy, 32

A cook at one of Atlanta’s fine dining spots, Fredy is proud to be able to help his parents but he dreams of doing so much more. With his sights on being a sous chef and with his sons following his every move, Fredy is determined to improve his English at Literacy Action.

Charlotte, 53

Charlotte came to Literacy Action to achieve her GED despite her fear of interacting with younger students. At the suggestion of a friend, Charlotte walked through the doors two years ago. She is proud to have moved up a level and to have conquered the technology of her smart phone.

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