The Joy of Giving to Literacy Action
Joy Dyess, Monthly Donor

Joy Dyess

Literacy is a single word that can change a person’s whole life. Many of us go through our daily lives and take our literacy for granted. We wake up, read the news, check email, read prescription medicine bottles to take or give needed medicine,  sign children’s school permission slips, review and pay bills, read directions for the quickest way to drive or take public transportation to work and never stop to think about how hard these daily activities would be if we were low literate or illiterate. Literacy is the foundation for education, but also for self-sufficiency. Literacy is the key that unlocks the door of opportunity and a literate workforce is vital for a strong economy that will benefit all Georgia residents.

I am a proud monthly donor to Literacy Action because I believe in the truly life-changing work they do each and every day. The students at Literacy Action are smart, brave, curious, talented and committed to changing their lives for the better.  Literacy gives one the ability to navigate a world filled with information and decisions and allows one to be empowered to build the best life possible for them and their families. As a child, I was fortunate to be raised in an environment where I could truly focus on my education and books were available and encouraged. Being literate transported me to a million different worlds in the pages of fiction books, taught me facts about the world through school textbooks, allowed me to put my own thoughts out into the world by writing and helped me transition to adulthood with all the tools needed to find and follow my own path to success and self-sufficiency. Literacy is a gift that can change a life and is a tool all should be afforded. Will you join me in giving the gift of literacy?

You can join Joy in becoming a monthly donor to Literacy Action at